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A good looking, fair minded young man from a happy, well to do middle class family. Was the school's starting quarterback, but quit before senior year and because of this, DeShawn has a hate on for him. He has been given the nickname, 'California' because of his flowing blonde hair and a comparison to a surfer. Val is the one guy that has stood up for Bradley in the past.


A quiet and timid young man, that keeps to himself. Extremely intelligent and will be graduating from high school by the age of 16. Being a loner and not athletically inclined, he is bullied. His father is an overbearing, affluent judge who demands a lot from him when it comes to getting high marks in school. He still grieves the recent loss of his mother, who encouraged his love to play music, but his father sees music as a waste of time.


A not too bright (held back twice), nasty young man with a very large chip on his shoulder. Was a borderline player on the school football team. Has attached himself as a third wheel with DeShawn and Terrell. Comes from a very dysfunctional family where both parents were alcoholics, and his father killed himself. Doesn't see much good news in his future and as such, enjoys picking on people that are weaker than he is.


Well built, African-American. Mostly the strong silent type. A running back, football star with a full scholarship to big name college, and a lock to play in the NFL. His best friend is Terrell, and though not really buddies with Cole, allows him to hang around. He is dedicated to his single mother and looks forward to making big money in the NFL so he can set her up in a better environment to live.


A happy go lucky, lanky, African-American who plays wide receiver for the school football team. Like DeShawn, he too has a scholarship but to a middling college. Seemingly, always smiling and a teller of jokes. If he can't make the NFL, he would like to become a comic like his idol Dave Chappelle.


A Hispanic from Puerto Rico. He has taken his fair share of nasty remarks about his heritage and looks forward to take advantage of someone who is seen as lower on the social totem pole than himself. Though a devote Christian, he has had many run ins with the police.


A failed athlete who now clings on to his job as a high school, phys-ed teacher. Likes his job only for the fact that he doesn't have to work too hard. Enjoys the woods, and organizes a yearly, end of the year two day hike through a remote forest miles from the city for senior students.

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