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To play or not to play. That is the question.

One More Time

Jesse Dinsmore

Maria Piccoli-Zimmermann

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Maria Piccoli has worked in film, theatre, web and television series, and commercials. She has booked several lead roles in different TV shows like Fear Thy Neighbour, Paranormal Survivor, Bizarre Murders, and Murder Wall. She also appeared in a commercial that ran during the 2019 Superbowl. Her latest short film, Honest People, won an Honorary Mention at the Toronto Independent Film Festival. And she won "Best Female Actress" at the Fanshawe Film Festival for her role in Act A Fool.

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Jesse Dinsmore grew up an avid baseball fan and player but always had a passion for the arts.  He has since followed in the footsteps of his artist parents and transitioned into film and TV acting.  He practices his craft at MAP in Toronto and has been part of several short films.  In his spare time you can find him writing poetry, playing music and keeping up with his athletic background.

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