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To play or not to play. That is the question.

One More Time

Andrew M.A. Spear

AMA Spear headshot.jpg

Andrew M.A. Spear Andrew Spear is an award winning writer, producer, director. Through his production company, MacSpear Film, he has written, produced and directed short films that have been official selections in over 50 film festivals, from Hollywood to Chicago to Toronto to London to Berlin to Sweden to Madrid.

Karan Dhillon


Karan Dhillon is an International award winning filmmaker, Director, Producer, DP/Cinematographer, Editor, DaVinci colourist, based in Toronto. He began studying Photography and Cinematography at an early age. He has strong body of work in motion pictures, commercials, documentaries, music videos with more than 30 years of experience. Regardless of the type of project, his goal as Director of Photography is to create images that will not only tell the story, but that will affect the viewer on a subliminal level. He is a member of Canadian Society of Cinematographers.


Luciano  Lombardi

luciano in piano (2).jpg

Luciano Lombardi is a composer, arranger orchestrator and pianist. He has  produced music for multimedia software houses, animation, music therapy projects, commercials and radio jingles. In 2014 he scored the soundtrack for the feature film Con tutto l'amore che ho and also won second prize for musical treatment and sound design on the Trailer for the movie "Noah" at Paris Sync Summit.

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